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Physics relating to construction

We do perform building physical calculations for heat, moisture, sound and fire insulation of structural components or complete building projects. All the analysis are in according with the current European (and German) standards and the latest informations about the products of the building material industry.
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Thermal insulation calculation and heat requirement calculation EnEV 2007 and DIN V 18599
Sound Insulation
Fire Protection
Moisture Protection
Isotherms and Element Connections
Thermal Simulation
Energy consulting
Calculation of chimney

Thermal insulation calculation and heat requirement calculation EnEV 2007 and DIN V 18599

Every procedure and all calculation possibilities of German EnEV 2007 and DIN V 18599 (energy saving regulation), monthly balance, period balance, procedures under public law, procedures for buildings with low inside temperatures and existing buildings.

• calculation of transmission heat losses using Fx-values, integration of thermal bridges, losses to the ground (including stationary or harmonious conductance), front buildings of glass
• explicite calculation of thermal bridges
• energy losses of integrated heating surfaces
• internal heat gains
• solar heat gains of windows, winter gardens, opaque structural units transparent heat insulation, radiation intensities and shading factors
• determination of the effective heat storage capacity
• calculation of heat and warm water requirements
• calculation of primary energy requirements and transmission energy losses, limiting values according to German EnEV 2001 / 2002
• graphical preparation: monthly or periodical balances, energy profiles
• comparison of two building and calculation varieties

Sound Insulation

• room acoustics, calculation of reverberation times
• protection against airborne and footfall sound transmission from other´s living and working areas, DIN 4109, solid construction, wood and other skeleton building methods
• consideration for influence of flanking construction elements
• protection against external noise, resulting sound reduction indices
• goesele procedure for timber beam floors
• sound control stages according to VDI recommendation 4100
• calculation of noise level ranges according to DIN 18005, road and train services, parking lots, navigation, line and area sound sources, partial sound sources
• determination of building sound reduction indices according to EN ISO 717-1
• wall development with absorption coefficients for the determination of the reverberation time • footfall sound protection according to DIN EN 12354-2

Fire Protection

• structural fire protection according to DIN 4102
• proofs for reinforced concrete slabs, beams, consoles, walls, steel columns and steel girders, dimensioning, center-to-center-distances, paneling
• brick walls, compartmen walls, lintels and prefabricated slabs, dimensioning, paneling
• proofs for timber beam slabs and roofs, timber beam dimensioning, wood panel constructed walls, sandwich type post walls

Moisture Protection

• calculation and proof of diffusion according to DIN 4108, Glaser diagram
• special calculations of core condensate, surface condensate, wooden material ec. in the dew zone
• mold fungus avoidance in two- and three-dimensional room corners (DIN 4108-2)

Isotherms and Element Connections

• individual construction of building corners, connections of foundations, windows, walls and slabs

Thermal Simulation

• transient calculations of the room temperature in according with ISO/DIS 13791
• calculation and determination of design features against summer heat
• calculation of the cooling load in the summer periode and of the heating load in the winter periode

Energy consulting

• Calculation of the total energy costs for every source of energy
• Comparison Old to New
• Consulting about the specific actions for redevelopment and refurbishment
• Calculations about the costs of the investment
• Calculations about saving energy and amortization

Calculation of chimney
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• Thermal and fluid dynamic calculations