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Tree in summer too

Every year: As of March 1 will be necessary pruning work often delayed or even terminated. This must not be.

The crux: With many citizens but also is enshired authorities that work in the period from March 1 to September 30 by the Nature Conservation Act are not allowed on trees. But here it comes again reading between the lines on. The law prohibited the above mentioned period, although precipitation and deforestation, but it allows shrubs during the growing period and to cut trees and tree care to treat. The Nature Conservation Act sets limitations when nests and nest in trees are. In this case, the trees would not be cut.

But how did this customary ?

The cut and the care of trees was influenced by our culture for centuries. Trees were cut, when she had time for. while the farmer with fields and meadows in the summer was busy, he could in the winter to take care of the trees. The result was a habit: trees are cut in the winter.

Times change, habits remain, often to the detriment of the trees.

Many scientific studies on the biology of the tree to show what the tree might need. The healing of wounds and interfaces of a tree is in the period April-September clearly better than in other months.

Trees have proved to be more power, interfaces and wounds optimal growing season of overflowing in.

In the foundations of modern tree care, it is today: by pruning trees to occur the least damage when you are running during the growing season.

"Bleeding" trees like maple, birch, walnut should be cut in state leafy as possible. It goes without saying that healthy trees are safe trees.

Feng Shui in the garden area - The way to harmony

Feng Shui is the Taoist science of life in harmony with nature and the environment. In a figurative sense we speak of the dynamic, shaping effects of wind and water, by their opposition and the harmonious coexistence of the two elements.

For millennia, the Chinese are based on the practical advice of this doctrine, when and where houses are built, and, above all, how everyday life is to create harmonious. This Chinese tradition, the civilization-damaged people, the hectic world of intuition for a natural to have lost one in a closed system of guidance for the management of daily life and increase well-being. The atmosphere of the environment affects our state - the Feng Shui practice can help us perceive our surroundings consciously and positively shape: improving our lifestyle and our health, a harmonious family life and success in professional life are the goals.

Feng Shui strives for harmony and balance of opposites. This principle also applies to the garden area.High and low, light and shadow, moving and static, hard and soft, rough and smooth should be mixed.

Qi as a focal point

E of the focal points of Feng Shui is iner Qi (also written Chi), This is the (life) energy, which acts on and in all living things. Ist der Fluss des Qi gestört, geht es -einfach ausgedrückt - Menschen, Tieren und Pflanzen nicht gut. If the flow of Qi disturbed, it is, in simple terms - humans, animals and plants are not good. According to Chinese thought it is in the Feng Shui important to a lot of good qi from the environment "as possible to capture and influence largely to avoid or neutralize harmful energy.

Wind and water are the two natural forces, the Qi of the environment the most influence and teaching of its name also gave (Feng = Wind, Shui = water). Everything on a property or its boundary is located, controls the flow of Qi - not visible, but sooner or later, most noticeably for. Streets, roads, neighboring buildings, trees, fences, streams - everything is in resonance zum Menschen, beeinflusst somit sein Qi. to man, thus be influenced Qi.

In Feng Shui one tries to analyze the energy of the environment and design and construction so as to channel the landscape in that it uses the best people. They use different techniques here. It is as with a Chinese Compass, Lo Pan called for work. With it, the building will include "energy Peilpunkte" such as land and building forms, the way the course, the main entrance door, the back, the front and the back door of a precisely measured and the individual Qi of the residents in relation with the set. The analysis, detailed calculations are made in the will, to show precisely why people who benefited most from, for whom the place is rather inappropriate and what can be done if necessary, to the energetic situation for old people customize.

Balancing of Yin and Yang

In addition to the terrestrial magnetism are climate and form the crucial parameter for site analysis. Light, air, color, shape, plants and water are the correction means "used. The man moves between the two forces "Yin" and "Yang". Both are necessary in order to have balance in life. Yin is like descending for properties including, traditional, for the valley, for rest, slow and dark, while the opposing force yang properties as low, innovative, forward looking terms such as mountain, movement, creativity and holiness will be assigned. In a Feng Shui garden squares are always enough yin to rest and regenerate, but may also areas with YangEnergie, namely where activity is needed. Moving water carries a lot of Yang energy in itself. As already mentioned, the man stands in relation to its environment. A merry little brook running through the garden of a very slow, inflexible and too backward-looking person who has too much YinEnergie therefore, could therefore help to ensure that this person will be easier for inner balance.

Among the various principles of Feng Shui garden design to include the division into the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, all of which have an energy all its own. They find their equivalents in different shapes, colors, materials, and also in the season. Every flower, every tree and shrub can thus form and color one of these elements will be assigned its due. That is important if the energy balance in a garden is disturbed. Is absent for example in a green area, the energy of the element earth, Calendula Due to their color yellow or orange-colored perennials such as Coreopsis (Coreopsis) and (marigold) are planted to create a balance - they are assigned to the element earth. Because of the growth habit of the floor would snowball (Viburnum plicatum 'Mariesii'), the Strauchwachholder (Juniperus chinensis) and horizontally creeping plants are.

The design combines house and garden area with each other. However, before feng shui-compliant design of the garden can be started with the actual, clearly have the front and back of the building are determined. It does not matter whether it is a residential or commercial concerns.

The back side of a building should be protected, for example by high trees, a stable high fence or the like. In Feng Shui there is the "turtle page" spoken of as the symbol of their thick tortoise shell for a strong, solid back and is consistent with good support, have something in the back. The design of the rear garden is of great importance attributed to one. According to the teachings of Feng Shui has a back protection without vulnerable buildings and conveys it - albeit often unconsciously-its contents are also the people.

The front face of the house should be. Symbolically seen the house looks with the front in the future - what there gets to see it, influenced the people to live and work. Is the front installed and does not allow a clear view of the terrain, it-is symbolic - the future of man as well with. A broad perspective on the home front with a beautiful front garden or forecourt allowed, however gives people the impression of freedom and development opportunities. Today, unfortunately, often to save on expensive square, garden rationalized the-Feng Shui-term problematic.

We are happy to help in the planning and execution of your garden after this lesson!

Construction of a wood oven and a grill garden

Every year: As of March 1 will be necessary pruning work often delayed or even terminated. This must not be.

In this gallery you will see a combined baking and grill line. The planning was carried out by us according to the wishes of the AG.

Sun was a rustic shed roof with a bench on the right side and the back-line and grill on the left. In the middle is a small terrace where it is also in the cold months before the fire can be wonderful to sit still.

The size of the wood burning oven was approximately 150 x 130 x 145 cm (L x W x H). Other sizes and designs are possible. The panel was made complete with travertine stone and Boss sheeting for the preparation of the arches and the door frames. Furthermore, two natural stone friezes are incorporated. Following the oven, an open fireplace was built. Using a grill can use this barbecue used to be excellent.

Side of the grill work area was still a small shelf and a stone also provided for. The collection of the flue gases, we built a new chimney, so that seating area will not occur in the smoke nuisance.

Of course, we can use a fireplace as well as a fireplace in the house you build.

Please contact us easily. We advise you!

Construction of a wood oven and a grill garden Construction of a wood oven and a grill garden

Collect rain water

Collet Rain Water The idea of reservoirs to collect rain water in and use it in dry periods, is as old as human culture. We find, for example, references to tanks already in the Old Testament. To date, in countries of low rainfall created a rainwater storage buffer effect between wet and dry periods to achieve. Also often found on islands, rainwater storage to meet the fresh water needs.

Our drinking water supplies are all vital to the future and therefore must be secured in it. A waste through excessive consumption and the growing evidence of groundwater pollution in different regions through increased input of pollutants in recent years have shown that drinking water had no longer everywhere and unlimited are available.

With a view to subsequent generations drinking water supplies is the responsible and economical use of our therefore particularly important.

More and more consumers in Germany are also a growing ecological awareness through in, and it increases with the ever increasing water charges on the recognition that any use of the standard of quality "drinking water" with the correspondingly high costs necessary for this purpose is not. A rain barrel for garden irrigation, frowned upon for years, is today standard.

Substitution of drinking water with rainwater in the house is always possible where treatment is not drinking water quality is necessary for the. Whole could be in the private sector about 50% of daily drinking water requirement will be replaced by rainwater. Sun rainwater can be an excellent use for flushing the toilet, where the water flushing the toilet and the removal of faeces is used exclusively. Another good option is used to wash laundry: Rainwater is soft water, that is, through the use of rainwater for the washing, the washing machine by significantly lower calcium deposits are spared and the consumption of detergent will be less.

Meanwhile, local authorities, the installation of systems for rainwater from some directly or indirectly, some of them financially, as a measure active support for groundwater protection. Relevant information about the funding opportunities on the ground and environmental offices of the municipality responsible for construction are obtained.

The recent practical experience has shown clearly that the rainwater in the residential, commercial and public sector without hesitation - in compliance with the applicable standards and regulations - can be used.

A rainwater harvesting system consists essentially of the components of rainwater storage, rain water filtering and pumping system.

Watering the garden

Plants need large amounts of water. For 1 kg dry water, about 500 liters needed: water as a carrier for nutrients, water coolant to as combustion.

Rain water collected in ponds is largely free of pollutants but also free of nutrient salts. And rain water from the storage tank is heated.

We create the storm water system for our clients wish to complete. Choose from surface or underground storm water storage in plastic or concrete. The planning, licensing and water-technical calculation of the investment is made by our engineering firm.

Natural water purification

Where water is contaminated, it must again be cleaned. Unfortunately, the sewage is highly collected, pumped through long channels and, usually at the expense of the population oversized, covered in sewage.

Treatment plants and pipelines are one unit and have number of disadvantages compared to a semi-natural systems.

• Complicated technology is always susceptible
• Staff costs for the necessary maintenance
• Energy
• Sewage sludge usually only more expensive special
• Use of chemicals
• More expensive to buy

A decentralized wastewater treatment is:

• Cheaper - ponds of about 500 pe free 250 - to 600, - EUR / pe, which is the cost for about 2 km pipeline
• Less susceptible to interference
• Low power consumption - single unit is a pump
• No chemicals
• Humification of the sludge to a material humusähnlichen

In all treatment plants run about the same implementation and degradation processes into. In natural systems are large areas pe (at least 5 m /) is required, but the country is available on. Natural wastewater treatment plants within the meaning of environmental compensation measures in themselves. Residents and users are sensitive to the matter with sewage if the sewage treatment plant of its own front door is present.

Purificarion 01 Sewage is initially passed though a prepurification process (size of the prepurification plant per inhabitant 0.5 m³ - 1.5 m³, as a general rule the prepurification plant should be implemented as multichamber shaft according to part 1 DIN 4261). After the release of removable components it then flows into the plant purification area.

There it percolates through the sand and gravel which is rooted by reed plants and enriched with microorganisms in a vertical direction and is thereby cleaned. After several days all-biologically cleaned water, free of germs is released by the plant, which under normal circumstances can be conducted or allowed to seep into a brook, a river or a polishing pond. Reed plants form fast growing root extensions in the soil, several centimeters thick, these so called rhizomes constantly regenerate, dig up the soil and die after several years. Though this process new cavities are continually developing in the soil.

Purificarion 01 Due to these special characteristics reed plants create a perfect habitat for microorganisms. The contamination of the sewage water produces energy-rich organic compounds, which are used by the microorganisms as food and so are broken down by them. The reed plants create the perfect living conditions where the microorganisms can thrive and do the actual cleaning, a perfect team!

In order to intensify the cleaning effect, we provided a bypass pipe, with the help of which with each discharge a small part of the cleaned sewage is pumped back into the inlet shaft, in this way free swimming microorganisms are continually fed back into the highest, most active sand layers. Therefore the system operates much more stable and can later be adapted to certain operating conditions.


Allotments have a long tradition.

Besides the production of fruit and vegetables years, the recovery function in the past to the fore entered into.

But there is a change in thinking. The creation of habitats for wild plants and animals will thus in future allotments to gain in importance. The willingness to make it different, something "to try organic" is growing and the ecological thought in the allotment being is not just a fad.

Sense of responsibility for nature can also arise in these areas small habitats such as pools and ponds. The lawn becomes a meadow, the pergola, built from natural materials, is replaced by a roof and overgrown vines on the walls and hedges provide food and Brutmöglichkeiten birds. Lesesteinhaufen be inhabited by lizards and amphibians of hibernation site in use.

Yet forget the real purpose of the allotment will not. About Compost economy is growing mixed culture on high hills and flower beds as possible of harmful substances in vegetables up. On the herb spiral aromatic plants growing under optimal conditions.

Photovoltaic solar energy usage by the electric current ready, a winter garden, the compost toilet and the Sumpfbeet-purification stage are further elements of the Ökolaube.

The right way...

In addition to plantings, fences and water, it is mainly roads, squares and terraces, the appearance of the garden characterize. The design options for frames and floors outside are numerous: Among the materials of wood, plaster or natural stone can not be handed a number of patterns and variations and select textures, colors and shapes vary with respect.

We will advise you here!

Sun are, for example Paving (thickness: 4 to 6 cm) is particularly for terraces, paths and forecourts. For more demanding areas such as entrances to the smaller, but thicker in diameter produces paving stones (thickness: 8 to 10 cm) preferred. It is crucial in both cases is that boards and pavement are slip resistant and frost resistant.

To ensure that your money is not the "flowing down stream"

As part of a growing construction and housing development areas are more and more sealed. The results:

• Overloading the sewage system
• Lowering the water table
• Floods

Part of these costs to be able to catch a limit order and the causes, was the "polluter-pays-off rain fee" was introduced.

Therefore, it is for homeowners and their budget is very important that the rainwater can flow away unhindered on your site.

Here it seeps through

Permeable surfaces allow rainwater and seepage through unhindered. The range of usable materials is broad and ranges from permeable paving and gravel to grass joints paving, grass paving stones and grass combs. Always important is the capacity of the underlying layer. Otherwise, the water here, not even to go from ground water.

The Right Way... The Right Way...

Not everything is a border fence!

Fences are now common and even some officially decreed. Must be a bulwark be no fence yet, but can be a beautiful garden and the property under a harmonic outline give. The choice of materials and forms is large and depends on the required function, maintenance requirements and personal taste of wood fences, wire mesh, palisade, or a green hedge.

Not everything is a border fence! Not everything is a border fence!

Swimming Pools

The 80 : 20 principle with Aqua-Superton filter technology

Collet Rain Water The Natural Swimming Pool works on the principle of absorption and balance. A wall separates the swimming area from the regeneration area, where impurities and harmful bacteria are taken up by the pond plants and absorbed as food. You swim in a totally natural environment without harmful chemicals.

In natural water features, micro-organisms play a vital role. They constantly ‘clean’ the water of all foreign substances, maintaining the biological balance. Plants which grow at the water’s edge also filter out foreign substances through their roots. This is the basis on which the TeichMeister System was developed and which helps it provide natural, crystal-clear water.

Collet Rain Water We give the pond a planted filter zone with circulating water. Nutrients are stored primarily in the substrate of the filter zone. The biomass in the substrate and/or root area of the filter zone is supplied rapidly and efficiently with oxygen and the nutrients dissolved in the pond water through the permanent enforced throughflow of water.

Filtration helps decompose soluble nutrients and keeps the biomass in the pond in a stable, aerobic condition in the long term. The pond quickly finds its biological equilibrium.

Collet Rain Water A planted, 100% biological filter zone can recycle the water within 10 - 24 hours, depending on the size of the facility. The filter zone can be located directly beside the swimming area as part of the shallow area, or can be completely separate. The water is drawn out of the swimming area at the surface by one or more skimmers and is then filtered mechanically with a filter basket. This process ensures that the water surface is cleaned continually. The circulation pump is located out of the water, in a pump shaft or technical control room. The pump provides an evenly regulated supply of water to the filter zone so that the water is cleaned continuously. A rock fountain or stream can also be fed at the same time.

The alternative to a conventional swimming pool

Natural swimming pools and natural ponds with biological selfcleaning system

Surface area starting from 82 sqft
Versatile range of applications:
  • Private / public natural pools and natural swimming pools
  • Conversion of swimming pools into natural pools
  • Renovation of existing swimming ponds and public pools
  • Sauna pools or indoor swimming ponds
  • Crystal-clear natural water
  • 80 % swimming area - filter zone takes up only 20 %
  • Low-maintenance and energy costs
  • Individual design – can be installed in any garden
pool The ratio of swimming area to filter zone in a TM swimming pond The ratio of swimming zone to filter/regeneration zone in a conventional swimming pond Swimming pond, shaped like a natural bathing lake with shallow area and integrated filter zone

We will create a design that meets your needs The only limit is your imagination

We will create your natural pool on site according to your requirements. The biological filter system is purpose-designed at the planning stage for each individual pool and adapted to the particular nature of the site. When planning a swimming pond with us, there are no prescribed materials or designs.

Collet Rain Water The planning and construction involves many different aspects. Creative styling and artistic expression; finding a technical solution to a problem, using the latest technologies and materials; along with the application of scientific research, knowledge and experience in using the right materials. Feet dangling in the water, sunlight dancing on the water’s surface and a feeling of tranquillity. Transform your personal vision of your very own water garden into reality Come home from work, dive into and experience one of life’s pleasures.

Enjoy a feeling of well-being and relaxation that is good for the body and mind, for the whole family. Biological stability Enjoy the pleasant scent of the water and dive in with eyes wide open. The crystal-clear water is even suitable for those who suffer from allergies.

Garden and terrace

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