Title Performance
Physics relating to construction

We have the experience, the resources, and most importantly, the character to realize your vision.

Putting our client relationships as our top priority...that's the UHLIG way. At every phase of the journey, we perform for you -- meeting expectations, keeping lines of communication open, maintaining reliable and accurate reports, and always exercising a proactive approach to client services.



• Scaffolding work
• Bricklaying
• Concrete and reinforced concrete
• Natural stone work
• Concrete Cast Stone
• Carpentry and Timber Construction
• Steel construction
• Waterproofing contractors
• Roofing
• Roofing Work
• Plumbing
• Concrete

Carcass Carcass
construction construction


• Plaster and stucco
• Tile and plate work
• Screed work
• Carpentry
• Working with parquet, wood paving
• Fitting work
• Working shutters, rolling degrees, sunscreen
• Metal construction, Locksmiths
• Glazing works
• Building Work
• Painting work
• Corrosion protection works on steel
• Wallpapering
• Combating Mold

Carcass Carcass

Civil Engineering


• Earthmoving
• Bulk Cargo Shipping
• Laying of sewer pipes
• Construction of manhole structures
• Construction of sewage treatment plants
• Installation of separators
• Installation of rainwater tanks and drinking water, gas, oil, gasoline, etc.
• Verbauarbeiten
• Underpinning works
• Retaining walls
• Slope protection
• Drainages
• Dewatering
• Landscape Construction
• Drilling, well work
• Shoring, piling and grouting
• Road works


We will stop everything you want!

• Brick
• Concrete Structures
• Prefab
• House Gutting
• Steel
• Roof trusses
• Wooden
• Window
• Doors

Through a separate timber recycling, we can offer competitive prices.


We have a private, high-performance engineering with a focus on:

• Design and Architecture
• Building permit plan
• Static
• Heat detection
• Detailed design

Key customer benefits

• Individuelle Objektplanung, keine Projekte von der "Stange" individual project planning, not projects of the "rod"
• Early presentation of the cost framework
• Development of alternatives to optimize the design, construction and building costs
• no loss of information - because everything under one roof

Green Building

• Niedrigenergiehδuser
• Passivenergiehδuser
• Active energy homes
• Rainwater
• Greywater
• Solar
• Holzheizungen
• Wood construction
• Loam
• Natural insulation materials
• No wood preservatives