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Physics relating to construction
Dear Customers,

We have the pleasure to present you our product metallic sheds new light constructions that can be dismantled and emplaced in another location.

Mainly we sell two types of warehouses:

The first type - the round one which opening starts with:
Width Height Gate
7,60 m 3,66 m 2,90x2,90 m
11,00 m 5,50 m 3,20x3,90 m
13,00 m; 5,60 m 3,90x3,90 m

The length starts with 15m and can be extended with segments of 5m, depending on the customer request.


This extension can be done also after a few years, not only on the hall purchase; you can command the necessary difference in order to extend the hall.
The second type - the variant one
- has vertical side walls with openings starting with:

Width Height Gate
7,80 m 4,20 m 2,50 m
10,80 m 5,30 m 3,80 m

The halls are constructed of corrugated galvanized sheets impregnated in two layers with anticorrosion paint, painted in electrostatic field and they have metallic structure and wooden rulers.

They are ideal for warehouses, garages, workshops, shelters, etc., adaptable. If it is necessary we can do a light insulation - mineral wool with aluminum sheet or mounting an anticondens sheet, an economical alternative to sandwich panels.


Our experienced staff can provide competent counsel in your troubleshooting. As newness we developed a new type of hall for sorting waste stations.

Quotes are starting from 95 euro/m2.