Title About Us

The office is well-equipped such as:

Modern and networked PC with office software, technical software, CAD Software

• Basic operating system Windows XP professional
• Microsoft Office 2007 professional
• Static software Friedrich und Lochner, germany
• Analytical software SAP 2000, USA
• DΔMMWERK building physics software, germany
• SIDOUN Building Software, germany
• Software for pricing WINBAU, germany
• bill-of-quantity-program MWM, germany
• CAD-System DIG-CAD Ing especially for reinforcement drawings
About Us
• ADT 2009
• 3dsmax
• Photoshop
• Plotter
• Color and Laserprinter til A3
• Scanner
• Copy machines etc.
• Leveling and Aligning Lasers for outside and inside
• Digital Camera
• Distance Measuring Lasers
• detectors

In addition we have a technical library. at one's disposal with a wide range of national and international specialist literature as well DIN standards and regional standards and rules. We are taking care that the technical library is permanently up to date. This is a guarantee for our clients that we are designing there projects in the most modern and most sophisticated way.